Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra Full Review

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 & Note 20 Ultra Full Review-Galaxy Note 2 Ultra Note 4 Today, I am going to give you a full review of what it has been provided to you and its display size and memory storage is all I am going to tell you, I will give you a full review if you like this selfie. So, you can buy it and it is very amazing, it is from Samsung company and it is a new model.

It has been a few days since its launch, I give you a full review and I can also show you a photo of it It is beautiful and a lot of people are also getting impressed because it is a new model and its thinking is very amazing if you will check it once and see the mobile using it and it is amazing if you Anytime you want to back up, you can easily do it and its job price is also I tell you.

  1. Note 20 Ultra Prices
  2. Rs.21,9999
  3. $1639

Whose three-four colors are available, you can do whatever you want to buy, the cameras of this set are so amazing. I will tell you how many megapixels it is and its results when you open this camera and you will feel That this camera is very good and its photo is that it also becomes the best and even more good photos can be made on you.

The whole world is backing this set because this set is the new model of Samsung and has just been launched, so if you also want to buy it, if you want to use it, how will you bike it and I will give you some I will give a review and how much is its memory RAM, but yes, you will be able to see it, then its classification is there, then you check it.

  • Display          1.9 inches
  • Ram                  8GB
  • Storage           256GB
  • Battery capacity       4500 mAh

Then you can set it and whatever color you have, you will also get it set. You will look at it, lifting it on your head, you will feel that you are carrying a good and smartphone because this smartphone is getting very much opposed and it has become famous all over the world if you will see it by driving it yourself. You will find that this set is very amazing and thank you are very best for use.

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