A person blended English with a mathematical equation

A video displaying a younger man utilizing arithmetic to determine the previous participle of the phrase ‘flew’ has gone viral. Within the viral clip, the person makes use of the cross-multiplication with the variable methodology to comically ‘derive’ the reply to a earlier particle query.

The person mixed English grammar with a mathematical calculation, leading to web laughs.

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Dr Arvind Mayaram, the previous Finance Secretary, shared a video on Twitter that has obtained over 23,000 views.


As acknowledged within the tweet, “Depraved Wit! When the English Instructor is on trip and the Principal asks the Maths Instructor to take the English class!”

As proven within the video, the person writes on a whiteboard, “If grew is grown, then flew =?” “Have a look at what a mathematician will do.” He continues to signify previous participle of flew and cross multiplies with variable “y,” The system “y X Grew = flew X GREW” is discovered.

He steadily will get to the conclusion that “y = flown.” Then he giggled and stated, “Subsequently, the previous particle of flew has flown.”.

Right here’s the hyperlink to the video:

And right here’s some response to the video:

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