Hala Free Video Chat & Voice App Apk Download

By | February 12, 2020

Hala Free Video Chat & Voice App Download-Latest New Android App Young mobile phones can send everything this app app video call and chat and voice message to your friend then this app. can call android mobile phone, this app is designed for Android mobile phone. If you have Android mobile, then you can install it on your mobile only. this app has a very simple setting, which you can use very easy and useful app.

App ScreenShot

You can use this application on a smart phone, this app is newly launched and many people are also using it. if you want to use it too, then you should download and install it on your mobile right now and use it Under this, you will also get that button to make a video call. you can also voice message on it and can also make a full chat and make a video call for long time and can also call. so it is very best for you if you want to talk to a friend.

How To Use App Your SmartPhone

It is very simple to use this app on your mobile, so I tell you the full process full settings, then in that way you have to make these settings, after that you will be able to use this app on your mobile, then you will be able to process this After seeing this, installing it on your mobile will take you a little time because there is a little process to install, after that process, thisĀ  Will be targeted.

After the stall, you have to open this app on your mobile, after opening, you will have a page show on which the option of bonfire will be written, then you have to click on the button of bonfire because whatever new you are now on your force If you install it, it definitely gives the option of Allow, if you were not you have to give bonfire on your own strength, after that it will start to become aware of you. then you start running it very much.

Test is if you want to do video call and chat messages because inside this app you get a lot of simple C settings, there is a lot of simple use and amazing app. Would like to select, he can select and do video call message chatting with his friends, voice call voice message, everything there you can voice Button will download this app friends video call will also will get a voice recording button one time the message button everything is so simple, so right you will be able to use it and install.



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